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The genesis of TRUEpath was the result of my morning routine of watching the news followed by reading a devotional and the Bible. Day after day I watched the never-ending “train wreck” of ruined lives televised, which results in the destruction of so many promising lives that were either in serious trouble or lost entirely.  After turning off the TV, when I’d had enough negativity (which was about a half-hour or less), I turned to the words of hope and abundant life found in my favorite devotional, “Jesus Calling”. Each morning I am lifted up by Jesus’ words of

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My prayer for many years was that God would lead me to find a way to serve Him by serving others on a full-time basis.  In March of 2013 I believe God provided an answer to my prayers through an insight that was so obvious that it was truly one of those Homer Simpson “DUH!” slap-forehead moments! Of course, I’m not the first nor will I be the last to connect the dots of human behavior to decision-making, but it was a revelation to me, that in almost all of the fallen people portrayed on the news each morning, there was an inflection point, a decision, that in large part determined the outcome and success or failure of the each person making today’s news cycle.

This revelation started me reading, researching and thinking deeply about the nature of our decisions and the processes we use to make them. The deeper I delved into the many facets that comprise a “decision”, the more convinced I became that this was an area of human behavior that might just hold a key to “moving the needle” away from the dark-side and toward the TRUEpath in Life.

How could the heart-breaking stories I watched daily, be reconciled with the messages of hope and love I read each morning? Could there be a way to help people, and young people in particular, from following life-paths that lead nowhere except a lifetime of missed opportunities, hopelessness and far too often, violence and death?

If it is true that the root causes of most human problems and suffering are the result of making poor day-to-day decisions and life-choices, then it follows that if people had the skills, tools, and resources plus the inspiration, motivation and application of the values that Christ teaches us, lives could be positively changed! From that moment on, with the spiritual guidance and inspiration that I was taught by following the path that Christ walked, I worked daily through the mental process of trying to understand the magnitude of this question and how, as a practical question, could solutions to this pandemic of poor decision-making be addressed?

The result of over two years of thought, writing, study and prayer, is “TRUEpath“.

The TRUEpath in life is the path that Jesus walked. While none of us walk this path flawlessly (and especially your author!), those of us that attempt to follow this straight and narrow journey, know the Peace, Hope, Joy, Abundance and Love that it can bring into our lives and that by modeling ourselves after Him, our lives, and those of everyone we touch along the way, will be better for it.

I know personally how powerful and transformative an encounter with the Prince of Peace can be! Although raised in the Christian faith, as a young man I explored many false and dead-end paths and witnessed first-hand that life without Christ is a far more diminished life than one with Him in it. Like most people, I have my share of regrets over poor decisions and life choices I made over a lifetime, although I am blessed that my indiscretions were not irreparably serious or life altering.

As an older, and hopefully wiser adult, I can clearly see where I went wrong and how easily things could have been different for me if I had listened to others that had my best interest at heart. My motivations for TRUEpath are to provide the connections, collaboration, education, and technology to the millions of young people in the US and many more around the world that need wisdom and guidance in their path of life, so to avoid as many false paths as possible and allow them to succeed in life. And hopefully, a few less train-wrecks to watch on TV!

TRUEpath is all about collaboration! We’d love to hear from you and your ideas on how to expand the science of Decision-Making and how to help the world make better decisions. Please leave your comments, ideas and suggestions.

We are actively seeking contributors including writers, producers, graphic artists, videographers, web designers and developers, storytellers as well as with other skills and a desire to help TRUEpath fulfill its mission!