Are YOU a PathWalker?

You might be if you have a creative or technical skill, domain experience and expertise, or just the time and desire to functionally change this old world  starting now, with this generation- One Person, One Better Decision at a time!

TRUEpath is executing a very ambitious plan to change the way individuals, educators, businesses and governments think about the power of Decision-Making. To affect real, long-term change toward more successful lives and as a result, the world, we need to attack the unacknowledged cause of so many of mankind's troubles. That is, we have to start at the core of the problem, which are the decisions we take each and every day, individually, in work or social groups, and as nations.

We're advocating new educational programs starting at Pre-K and continuing as long as a person is being educated, which should be a lifetime. We're ideating and developing awesome new technologies that help people make better decisions, in real-time, using their mobile devices. We plan to use films, video, events, music, writing, graphic design and other arts to motivate and inspire people to collaborate with each other, to advise and mentor children, teens and each other. We are looking to create the world's largest repository of "Wisdom" and make it instantly accessible using your smartphone, tablet or computer, in real-time!

It's a BIG VISION and to fulfill it, we need volunteers, evangelists, mentors, artists, business people, educators, governmental experts, film makers, web designers and developers, writers and anyone who considers themselves to be caring, creative, loving and willing to serve others, and themselves, by bringing this vision to life. Hey - YOU could definitely be a PathWalker!

If you would like to become a PathWalker, please fill out the short form on the right and we'll get back with you as soon as possible. With your help, we'll walk and teach others to walk the TRUEpath in Life which leads to mann sucht frau mit hof Peace, Hope, rencontre femme psoriasis Joy, Abundance and Love!

Volunteers & Skills Currently Needed:

  • binary options demo online Non-Profit Mentors! Know how to build a non-profit? We could use your advice!
  • site de rencontre gratuit homme italien Attorneys for Non-Profit, Incorporation (NC), 501c3, USPTO, Contracts
  • Graphic Designers for Branding, Infographics, Illustration
  • anastasia dating history Web Designers & Developers for WordPress, Mobile Apps, UI/UX, API Integrations
  • Educators & Researchers for Educational Curriculums, Public/Private Education Policy, General Research
  • Data Architects & Domain Experts for Cloud, Mobile, Big Data, Machine-Learning/AI
  • Behavioral Economists, Psychologists, in Decision-Making Research
  • Video & Film Producers, Directors, Editors
  • Writers & Copywriters for Web, Magazine, Book and other Content
  • Mentors & Advisors on Strategy, Funding, Growth
  • Have other skills that aren't listed? - Please elaborate at right!


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