great site Q: What activity do you do each day that is only exceeded by breathing? option broker A: Make Decisions!

web It is estimated that the average person makes over 35,000 decisions a day! Most are automatic and made unconsciously, but there are dozens made each day that could be extremely important over the long term.

site here So, if you will make thousands of decisions today, tomorrow, and the day after that, ad infinitum, wouldn’t you think that something you do this often would be as important as anything else you might do on any given day? But alas, it’s generally not, is it?

min kГ¦reste flirter i byen I’ll bet you hardly even think about the decisions you make most of the time. While that’s not optimum, at least you’re in good company as most people don’t even give a second thought to the decisions they make, even though they arguably are the one thing that determines whether you are happy or sad, rich or poor or live a fulfilling and successful life or not.

conocer hombres por skype By now you might be asking, “What’s the RIGHT WAY to make a decision?” The answer is that THERE’S NOT ONE RIGHT WAY! Decision-Making methods and processes are numerous, and while there isn’t only one right way, there are many wrong ways. The first wrong way is not employing any methodology to your decisions, effectively making your life a crapshoot!

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