TRUEpath Logic

TRUEpath is the beginning of a movement of Caring, Sharing, Creative, and Collaborative "PathWalkers" from all walks of life and all nations on the earth, with one common goal, "Moving the Needle" toward making our shared world a more Peaceful, Hopeful, Joyful, Abundant and Loving.

We all want to live in a new world in which to raise our families in safety, educate our children who will inherit the world we leave them, live in peace and freedom, and become the Men, Women and Children of the Light that our Creator made us to be!

TRUEpath's Mission has five main goals:

  1. To provide new, innovative and effective Technologies and Methodologies to help everyone make better day-to-day decisions and life-choices.
  2. To be a Catalyst by providing a central, virtualized, "Meeting of the Minds", where ideas from all walks of life, all levels of education, backgrounds, experiences, and cultures can mix and mingle to discover how we can, together, help each other live more peacefully, hopefully, joyfully, abundantly and lovingly.
  3. To be a Bridge among and between generations, cultures, beliefs, socio-economic status and any other life condition or experience that prevents us from listening, respecting and collaborating with others.
  4. To provide Creation, Communication, Collaboration and Innovation Platforms and Communities in which PathWalkers may help themselves and others to achieve their dreams and create lives of worth, far beyond merely being passive bystanders and consumers.
  5. To be a Global, Positive, Transformational, Force for Change.

These are admittedly, very big goals! However, we believe that given the advent of our rapid technological age, we are just entering a new paradigm of possibilities that the world has never known. Distance, language, income, education and other barriers are quickly falling and allowing ideas and values to quickly spread around the world. While many times these very same attributes are being used to debase and spread evil among humans, we are evermore optimistic and hopeful that they will be used to bring minds that have dwelt in the dark for so long, to surface, participate and find fulfillment and success in their lives and those that they love.

TRUEpath wants to play a pivotal role in bringing this new age about, but we can't do it alone. We need YOU to join us by making a commitment of your time, efforts and money to build and sustain this movement today and hopefully, for the next 100 years to come!


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Franklin Davis, FounderFranklin Davis ("Frank" to many!) is the Founder and Chief Architect of TRUEpath. His background is both broad and deep as a technologist, entrepreneur, business owner, and consultant.

Franklin has operated his eponymous independent consultancy, Franklin Davis & Company, since 2003, which specializes in helping businesses in the SMB space with software design, development and evaluation, cloud and mobile computing, ecommerce, marketing, web design and development, graphic design and with many other business needs and technologies as a business analyst.

Franklin brings his widely varied experience and skillsets to TRUEpath in addition to a burning passion to use his experience and knowledge in helping children and teens in particular, to lead better, more productive lives, by teaching them how to make better day-to-day decisions and life-choices.