The Path of  Wisdom Leads to Better Decisions. WISDOM: The ability or result of an ability to think and act utilizing knowledge, experience, understanding, common sense, and insight.

Statue of Wisdom

The world is awash in  belle femme cochonne Data, and drowning in pop over here Knowledge. To make great decisions, you need more than data and knowledge.

You require  are we officially dating zac efron jacket WISDOM.

The go hook up live WISDOMpath is all about the continual discovery, cataloging, storage, and dissemination of “Wisdom”and how it can be applied in helping PathWalkers™ make the best decisions possible.

The WISDOMpath is also a plan for creating a Decision-Making Center of Excellence or “think-tank” if you will, dedicated to the research & development of evermore effective Decision-Making information, processes, methodologies and designed to be simplified, automated and made accessible to everyday folks like you and me.

The WISDOMpath will seek-out all sources of wisdom, from the ancient to contemporary, including perspectives from a wide variety of experts in academia, business, the humanities and faiths, but primarily from PathWalker’s imaginations, experiences and plain’ol common sense! WISDOMpath includes:

  • rencontres dans le 31 WISDOM DISCOVERY through the shared efforts of PathWalkers and interconnected mobile apps, software and other technologies.
  • An OPEN-SOURCE REPOSITORY of all wisdom and decision-making information gathered from around the world.
  • CROSS-POLLINATION of ideas, practices, methods, theories among:
    • Educators from K-12, Higher Education
    • Child Psychologists
    • Anthropologists
    • Published Authors
    • Thought-Leaders from all walks of life and study
    • PathWalkers from around the world
  • PEER-REVIEWED PUBLISHING of original Wisdom-focused, Decision-Sciences papers. theories and methodologies.
  • DECISION-MAKING BEST PRACTICES are discovered, codified and used in other TRUEpath “SUCCESSpaths”.

Are you ready to share your wisdom with the world? God knows it needs it! Join us in this grand adventure to create the ultimate resource of human wisdom ever complied!