STORYpath LogoSTORYpath_MontageThe TRUEpath STUDIOS for Storytelling

TRUEpath STUDIOS provide the "Storytelling" path for relating powerful stories about values-driven decision-making. Modeled on a combination of the old Hollywood Studios System, where all creative elements are aligned in an assembly-line process, and also on using the best practices of "Sharing" websites like Facebook, Flicker, SnapChat and other "user-driven" communities, we will create a world-wide user community of "Decision-Evangelists"! 

The stories created, whether by TRUEpath Creatives or PathWalkers, provide easy to digest "snippets" of media that each relate how someone else encountered their "Decision-Points", the context of the "before-decision", the decision that was made and the "after-decision" consequences, good or bad, that resulted from the decision they made. These stories are told using many different media so that we can reach the widest audience possible with entertaining and engaging examples that drive real-world decisions and the life lessons they teach all of us.

Using the magnetic powers of entertainment to draw in people of all ages and backgrounds, TRUEpath STUDIOS will be the entry-point for many people to learn about the other "TRUEpaths to Success" and the start of the process of learning how to make better decisions in their life, business and other pursuits.

  • Powerful USER-STORIES are self-created by PathWalkers using tools and resources on the TRUEpath Studios Platform.
  • TRUEpath Staff & Volunteers guide content ideation, creation and curation of user stories.
  • TRUEpath Studios create multi-media content including:
    • Instructional Videos for YouTube Channel and LEARNINGpath curriculums
    • Digital eBooks, Flip-Magazines & Radio Programming
    • Audio and Video Podcasts
    • Games featuring proprietary characters like “Dr. Decision”
    • Children’s Books from “Board-Books” to “Young-Adult”
    • Print Publications including Magazines, Comics and Guides
    • Mass-media including TV and Film for long-form decision stories

For more information, please email us.

Offline Publishing:

From “Board Books” for children to “Comic Books” for tweens and teens, to “Young Adult Novels”, creating printed works that inspire positive reading to help introduce the concepts, values and methods needed to  help them learn how to make a lifetime of Positive Life Choices.


Online Publishing:

From “Animated Videos” to “Games”, “Websites”, “eBooks” and “eMagazines”, digital content that will inspire, educate and engage everyone of all ages through entertainment, to help them make a lifetime of Positive Life Choices.