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“A Global Network of Children, Teens & Adults who DECIDE to Walk the TRUEpath in Life.”

PathWalkers are our reason for being! They are our Users, Volunteers, Donors, Sponsors, Educators, Creators, Mentors and Collaborators who share their talents and who comprise the TRUEpath ecosystem.

PathWalkers actively:

  • PARTICIPATE – in improving their lives while helping others improve theirs.
  • VOLUNTEER – by Mentoring Peers and Training new PathWalkers.
  • CREATE – “TRUEpath Stories” using Blogs, Podcasts, Social Posts, Videos + more!
  • COLLABORATE – by contributing their unique skills and talents and by working with others to fulfill TRUEpath's mission.
  • CONTRIBUTE – their time and detective skills in the discovery, cataloging and storage of man's Wisdom.
  • BUILD – Bridges of Hope & Understanding by creating "Intergenerational Bridges" connecting young to old, energy to experience and vice-versa.
  • REPORT – News stories about people making TRUEpath Decisions.
  • IDEATE – by helping to create an always new TRUEpath.
  • SUCCEED in life by helping others SUCCEED in their lives!


Mentoring and Collaboration, especially by and between generations, helps provide the “human-touch” guidance needed to not only make better life-decisions but also to inspire and motivate both the mentor and mentee to achieve success that is greater than the sum of the participants.

 Do YOU want to become a PathWalker and help TRUEpath accomplish its mission? If so, please fill out this short form to get the ball rolling!

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"InterGenerational Bridge Builders" (IGBB) is a program to connect children with Seniors in a collaborative digital environment that allows both the child and the adult to benefit from the relationship.

While Seniors have earned a lot of wisdom from living a long life, children have the energy, imaginations and youth to actually change the world to come. By creating a sharing, caring, collaborative and entertaining environment that allows both participants to learn in a partnership of trust, IGBB will build lasting and rewarding relationships.


"Peer-to-Peer Bridge Builders" (PPBB), like Inter-Generational Bridge Builders", will provide support and encouragement in a long-term environment of trust through the friendships that are created.

Kind of like "Digital Pen-Pals", PPBB members can learn to make the decisions in their lives alongside a new friend of their same age in which they can compare notes and alternatives.


POSITIVE CHOICE FORCE is our children's initiative to help them learn from an early age how to make positive life choices as they go through life.

Using a "Club" metaphor, children from ages 7 through 13 can join (with their parent's permission of course) and participate with other children from around the world on learning decision-making skills and earning recognition in the form of badges for doing so. Badges, much like scouting badges, can be shown on their profile page and also may be ordered as embroidered badges and pins to wear .

PositiveChoiceForce Children will also receive a newsletter and quarterly magazine with their membership as well as earning "Positive Choice Points" that can be used to order merchandise from the Positive Choice Force online store.

"Positive Choice Points" can only be earned through the recommendations of others as a result of real-world positive choices they have made. They can be given points from their peers, parents, teachers and others that will attest to their accomplishments. This promotes collaboration and engagement.

The ultimate goal of Positive Choice Force is to get kids thinking about the decisions and choices they make and will make as they grow up by acquiring the skills and wisdom needed to make their best life choices.