Decision-Making Education and Skills Training

We start with the idea that Decision-Making and Critical-Thinking can be learned skills, by everyone, at every age, at any time , anywhere in the world they happen to be.

The LEARNINGpath’s function is to provide decision-making education and curriculums that can be taught both in the classroom and online. This is a key part of the overall process of helping children, teens and young adults in particular, master the basics of good decision-making. It is critical that the process be taught, at least periodically, throughout a student’s career, and to a lesser extent throughout life, as repetition is the key to retention and daily usage. The other initiatives will work without this part but unless these skills are stressed with some regularity to become “second-nature”, they will not be as effective.

Decision-making skills and education are critical to the success or failure of each individual’s life path, and as a critical need, should be taught and reinforced over time as part of a basic educational curriculum. By teaching these skills and the positive values required for a “whole” education, they will ultimately improve and transform how individuals, societies and nations make day-to-day decisions and life-choices.

  • DECISION-MAKING SKILLS can be taught & learned.
  • EVERYONE can be a Student and a Teacher given the right resources and training.
  • COURSE CREATION is organic and lateral by students as well as top-down by educators.
  • COLLABORATIONS of Educators and Students to help others make TRUEpath Decisions.
  • DECISION-MAKING EDUCATION can be Self-Directed Online or in the Classroom.
  • VALUES including Morals, Ethics and Motivations are an integral part of TRUEpath Decisions.

Our aim is to partner with educators across the spectrum to develop and promote decision-making curriculums for use in K-12 and in higher education. We also plan to develop self-guided decision-making courses in the model of many of the online continuing education providers such as Coursera and Khan Academy.

We encourage your ideas and participation in this process.