The DECISIONpath is where the rubber meets the road! This initiative combines technology and methodology to generate software, apps and tools that can augment a PathWalker’s native decision-making intelligence. We are living in an era of possibilities, that as recently as just fifteen or twenty years ago, was in the realm of “Science Fiction”.

Mobile_UI_Mockup_Success_ProbabilityThe convergence of several powerful, and transformative technologies began in earnest over 20 years with the introduction of the Internet. It progressed with the advent of cellular and smartphone technology to make ubiquitous Mobile Computing possible. Now with rencontre celibataire 20 ans Cloud-Computing, Big-Data Analytics and Clicking Here Cognitive-Computing platforms a reality, Human-Machine partnerships will soon reach global critical mass.

What does this mean to you? For the first time in human history, any connected individual has the ability to tap into the description collective wisdom of the ages, in check this real-time, to augment their decision-making intelligence and judgement, using inputs from others, analyzed and prioritized for optimum success and predictability. The result will be the ability to quickly, cheaply, and significantly increase the success rate of your decisions while avoiding the negative consequences of bad decisions!

The TRUEpath DECISION-SUPPORT Software Platform:

  • click over here PREDICTIVE DECISION-MAKING using Cognitive-Computing & Machine-Learning.
  • page REAL-TIMEDecision-Point” Apps – Any Decision, Anywhere, Anytime, in the palm of your hand!
  • OPEN-SOURCE software development to engage a new generation of creators to skyrocket new tools and resources to tackle one person’s choice or the world’s biggest, hairiest decisions.
  • WISDOMdb – a Cloud-based, database repository cataloging:
    • Decision Questions entered by PathWalkers.
    • Decision Answers discovered by Peers and Pros.
    • Decision Outcomes resulting from previous choices that have been made.
    • Wisdom Discovery from raw data by TRUEpath Machine-Learning algorithms and from other PathWalkers like yourself!