The TRUEpath “5 Paths to Success”

We have identified five (5) core initiatives that will provide the comprehensive knowledge, tools, skills and resources required to fulfill our mission of helping everyone learn how to make better day-to-day decisions and life-choices. We call them “The 5 Paths to Success”.

TRUEpath 5 Paths to Success

These five interconnected, parallel paths will provide people of all ages, an integrated, holistic and fun learning experience in collaboration with a global community of PathWalkers™, whose sharing, caring, advice and support will help them discover and master the art and science of decision-making.

The results will enable and empower people everywhere to come closer to realizing their dreams, while avoiding potential nightmares. By following the TRUEpath in Life, real, substantive change will occur that will allow PathWalkers, their families, friends, co-workers and everyone they may touch over their lifetimes, to find the Peace, Hope, Joy, Abundance and Love they deserve!


DECISIONpath™ – This initiative is the  Decision-Making Research and Development arm of TRUEpath. Charged with creating simple and effective Decision-Making Methodologies, Processes and Algorithms, it includes our Mobile-First, Cloud-based, Decision-Support Software and Apps, that will offer real-time, decision-making assistance at the point of decision.  Read more

LEARNINGpathLEARNINGpath™ – The Educational Development arm of TRUEpath will deliver engaging Online and Offline Educational Tools, Resources and Curriculums, building on the work of the DECISIONpath initiative and our education partners. Our goal is to develop and teach effective Decision-Making Skills, through courseware, targeted to all ages including K-12, College and Continuing Education. By working with Educators to create new curricula and programs, we will help institutions, teachers, and parents raise future generations of PathWalkers with unparalleled, life-changing decision-making skills, which were unknown to previous generations and only recently made possible through access to the power of the internet and mobile technologies. Read more

STORYpathSTORYpath™ –  Storytelling is as old as man. STORYpath will utilize this universal form of communication and education to share our mission to millions, and allow everyone to participate in the story. TRUEpath Studios,™ will bring together a group of highly motivated and skilled creatives to design educational, entertaining, and engaging stories about effective and life-changing decision-making. Delivered through video, film, print, web, mobile and other technologies, we will motivate and inspire new generations of PathWalkers with positive stories of how others that made poor decisions along their life path, found a way to turn failure into success through the power of TRUEpath Decision-Making. Read more

SHARINGpath – Creating a global community of PathWalkers will allow TRUEpath to employ the exponential power of Sharing, Collaboration and Mentoring, to provide the positive reinforcement and encouragement to PathWalkers, as they learn to make better decisions for themselves, their families, friends and communities! Through programs like “Positive-Choice Force™” for children,  this community of sharing, caring people of all ages, in both “virtual” and “real-world” relationships, and in “peer-to-peer” as well as “inter-generational” collaborations, will develop the long-term relationships needed to support and sustain the positive transformative change we seek. Read more

WISDOMpath –  “Wisdom” is as important, if not more important than “knowledge” when it comes to decision-making.  Understanding the “why” of making a decision is as important as the “how” in most cases. As illustrated by our “Head-Heart-Hand” Decision Method, “values” are equally required to bring about the “Win-Win-Win” outcomes that are the hallmarks of truly great decisions! WISDOMpath will develop software to quantify “wisdom” gathered from many sources, to create a first of its kind data repository called “WISDOMdb”. PathWalkers may then draw from this “well of wisdom”, the waters of knowledge, experience and wisdom of mankind, at the point of decision, on their mobile device to increasingly make better, wiser decisions.

A component of the WISDOMpath will be a  “Decision-Making Center of Excellence”, or “think-tank”, that will be created to research and develop new and best-of-breed, decision-making and critical-thinking methodologies. Our goal is to make TRUEpath the “go-to” source for practical decision-making studies and science in addition to continuously adding to an open-source, global knowledge-base of new discoveries and innovations in the Decision-Making Sciences. Read more

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