What will his or her life-path be?

Life begins with so much hope! A new life, a new life-path to walk. Every parent envisions that their son or daughter will be a success and perhaps live a better life than they have.

Your children and grand-children, will make millions of decisions and choices over their lifetimes. How do you prepare a child to make the right decisions when you're not around to help? Yes, good parenting skills go a long way, but even children of from the best homes, end up following a path to nowhere. Children that grow up without both parents in the home are even more at risk for making the wrong choices in life.

It's a certainty that a day will come when a decision they make will have the capability of profoundly altering their life-path. A decision to bow to peer pressure and do drugs, drink alcohol, drop-out of school, have unprotected or premarital sex and countless other "decision-points" that can take a child, and their parents, from hope to heartache. Unfortunately, too many paths lead to consequences that no one wants, incarceration or worse.

The destination of the wrong pathIt doesn't have to be this way! But hoping for a positive outcome isn't enough. We need to take a disruptive, "pro-active" approach to these issues if we are to help our children avoid being a statistic in the latest news report. We need to prepare them for "real-life" so that when that split-second decision-point arrives,  a "trigger-point", they will have the decision-making skills, knowledge, and values to make the right decision.

This is TRUEpath's mission!

  • Life is a Journey from birth to death.
  • There are many Paths to choose from on your life-journey.
  • The Path you choose determines your destination in life.
  • Every Step you take along your path, is a Decision or Life-Choice.
  • You pave your Life-Path with the Outcomes of the Decisions you make.
  • Your Destination in life, and your success or failure, is primarily determined by the sum of the countless decisions you make over a lifetime.
  • Peace, Hope, Joy, Abundance and Love is the destination of walking the TRUEpath in Life!

What is your destination?

The TRUEpath's Destination!

Let TRUEpath be your companion along the way. Our mission is to help children and teens, as well as adult,s make better day-to-day decisions and life-choices so that the life-path they take will avoid the many pits that lay in wait and instead, carry them to the pinnacles of their dreams!

Have you ever made a really, really bad decision?

Do you have any regrets for a major decision you made?

Would you help a child to avoid similar bad decisions and regrets?

Better Decisions = Better Lives!

This is the premise and very heart of what TRUEpath's mission is all about. Unfortunately, we all fail to make the best decisions far too often which results in the pain and heartache that we experience, as individuals, families, organizations, communities and nations.

Good or Bad Decisions?For most, poor decision outcomes are just bothersome, but too many times they are tragic, resulting in unfulfilled lives, shattered dreams, lost freedom, and even injury or death. These problems are just some of the harvest we reap due to our failures to make the right decisions in life.

Humans are basically hard-wired to make decisions with as little effort as possible, on "auto-pilot" and with minimal conscious thought. This is what cognitive scientists call "System 1" behavior. We rely on guessing or "gut-instinct", without deeply considering the consequences of our decisions. Too many times this is a recipe for failure.

We need to use our "System 2" faculties more, which bring our logic and reasoning selves into the equation, in order to calculate the most successful potential outcomes of our decisions. The problem is engaging this mode of thinking when we need it. Becoming aware of our need for this effortful thought is the hard part, as we're kind of lazy when it comes to making decisions and are too willing to just "go with the flow".

It is at the junction of these separate but equal decision-making modes, that we may find the solutions to help us make better day-to-day decisions and life-choices. The first problem to solve though, is that most people are not even aware of these thought processes that they use everyday of their lives. If making good decisions and choices are so important to the outcomes of everyone's life, you would think that you would have been schooled in the best practices of critical thinking and decision-making methodologies from childhood on. In our experience, we think that is far more rare than common.

TRUEpath wants to change the status-quo by changing the way we approach the fundamental problems we face individually and as a society. This will require a multifaceted approach that will touch each of us on many levels, from logical to emotional, motivational to inspirational, education to entertainment, and communication to collaboration.

Our decisions ripple to affect others.

It could be said that life itself is just a never-ending series of decisions until we die. Your decisions probably affect others, so a single decision can have significant impact on many other people, even if they have no knowledge of you or of the decision itself. However you interact with others, whether in your family group, with friends, at school, or at work in business or government, one really bad decision can have wide-ranging and negative effects for many, many people.

We think the art and science of "Decision-Making" needs to be elevated and prioritized if mankind ever hopes to stop repeating the same mistakes and going down the identically wrong paths from one generation to the next. So many of our personal and societal problems are the consequences of bad decisions we make each day. Many could be avoided, in part or in whole, if we were willing to invest the time, effort and money to give it the priority it demands.

TRUEpath's mission is to act as a catalyst in bringing together all of the creative minds, knowledge, wisdom, technologies and resources necessary to develop simple and effective decision-making methodologies, technologies, and educational curriculums, in a collaborative and inspirational ecosystem. Our focus is to help everyone, and especially children, teens and young adults, learn to make better day-to-day decisions and life-choices. The result will be far more positive and successful lives and a better world to live them in.

The Bottom-Line? Better Decisions = Better Lives!



Where Decision Scientists, Educators, Mentors, Storytellers, Technologists, and a lot of Sharing, Caring Hearts, Help Children and Teens from 8 to 18, Achieve the Life of Their Dreams by Making Better Day-to-Day Decisions and Life-Choices! Join Us!

Life is a Journey and each Step is a Decision.

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Our Goals is "No Bad Decisions!"

TRUEpath’s MISSION is to be a Positive Transformational Force in helping the world live in Peace, Hope, Joy, Abundance and Love.

We will accomplish our mission by empowering and inspiring children, teens, adults, businesses, institutions and governments, to achieve their goals and dreams through better Decision-Making and Life-Choice Skills, Mobile Decision-Support Technologies, Educational Curriculums, Peer-to-Peer Collaboration, and Shared Values.

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